The Kingdom Entrepreneurs Conferences will take place at The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 September 2024.

We are looking forward to greeting you in Dublin this year and appreciate this opportunity to bring you all together to share expertise, experiences and enthusiasm about general practice/family medicine. Globally, we acknowledge that healthcare is continually evolving. Family Medicine in Europe must respond to the changing sands of healthcare systems and to both the static and changing needs of patients. WONCA Europe member organisations need to address the needs of their members who as doctors operate at the frontline, as academics, in leadership roles within health services, in policy-making and influencing roles in allied organisations. Enhancing communication and working relationships within practices, within primary care and across the multiple interfaces that exist between general practice and other sections of European health services is a critical element of improving the quality of care that family medicine delivers to the population of Europe. We must strive for the highest quality of safe care possible for all patients.