A fresh future

We're shaking things up with how we source and serve food – from putting a ban on air-freighted fruits and vegetables to implementing the planet-positive Klimato tool, which encourages customers to opt for eco-friendly eats.

A chef adding sliced vegetables to plates.

Curbing consumables

As a big part of our supply chain, consumables are an area we’re working to significantly cut our carbon footprint. This involves encouraging our employees to bring reusable cups to work and making the switch to compostable consumables at our venues.

Sustainable sips

We team up with eco-friendly drinks companies who share our commitment to sustainability – prioritising UK-produced drinks while exclusively serving Rainforest Alliance & Fairtrade certified tea, coffee, sugar and cocoa.

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A member of staff shaking a cocktail shaker with another member of staff standing behind them.
A woman standing behind a bar whilst a woman next to her prepares a customer's drink.

Waste not, want not

Food waste is the third largest cause of global warming, so we’re on a mission to tackle all our waste, including our food, packaging and equipment.

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