Dishing out delectable greenfield events

Every greenfield event is unique, and that’s where our bespoke greenfield catering service comes into play. Whether we’re feeding at a pop-up exhibition, picturesque park or inside the walls of a historical monument, we specialise in serving tailor-made greenfield catering for a wide range of occasions, from corporate celebrations to music festivals.

Years of experience in the greenfield

Often held in unconventional event spaces, greenfield events bring an element of the unknown - leaving many people wondering how the catering provision is going to look and operate.

Fortunately, our team of experts excel in customising our catering services to align with the unique requirements of each event seamlessly. No matter the setting’s challenges, we’ll always ensure that every dish is presented and served flawlessly. 

A view of the dome on a Law Society of Ireland building from ground level.
Law Society 1009 23
An outside view of the Law Soceity of Ireland buildings with a blue cloudy sky.
Law Society 1009 3

Planet-forward greenfield catering

As a prominent player on Ireland’s hospitality scene, we’re leading the way in promoting a brighter future for our planet, our people and our communities. Our greenfield catering services are creatively designed to incorporate seasonal, local produce while minimising waste - and we have big plans to improve in all areas that our business touches, making sure our impact remains positive.

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