Packed with gastronomic delight

At Levy Ireland, food and drink is more than substance – it’s an experience. That’s why we pour love and attention into every ingredient and dish on our menu, from the smallest of canapes to the most decadent of desserts.

At every one of our events, you’ll see us seamlessly blend the freshest of Irish ingredients and culinary traditions with an infusion of modern flavour combinations.

A chocolate cake and a dessert topped with a cherry on a white polate served with cherries.
A green field with views of tress, hills and more fields in the background.

Farm-to-fork innovation

Our menus are shaped around a commitment to seasonal produce; combining the best of local Irish ingredients and reworking ideas with modern techniques focused on freshness, local sourcing and compelling flavour combinations. Upholding this commitment is no mean feat for our chefs.

To continue crafting new dishes in sustainable ways takes a generous helping of skill, a dash of innovation and a sprinkling of risk – a challenge our chefs are always up for.

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